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Welcome to FirstM&D inc.
FirstM&Dinc. is a company that leading the industry with high-quality-mold and mold manufacturing technology. We’re established in 1996with attachment and encouragement on die & mold.
FirstM&Dinc. is investing continuously in the skills and technologies with positive changes.
Based on the current CAD/CAM technology we provide a total solution for die & mold manufacturing and presents a new paradigm in mold technology which is the crucial part of the manufacturing sector.
intro_company3Our comprehensive batch system and manufacturing service encompassingaccumulated CAD/CAM technology, high-quality wirecutting machining, CNC high-speed machining, graphite(carbon) electrode machining, electrical discharge machining, and the 3D measurement system. We’ll make your business successful in a short and perfect way. We will devote our great strength to complete your mold parts in high quality.
The professional manufacturing methods and services promise you and your company that we are your correct and competent partner to your success. .Come and join First M&D inc. ! C.E.O Gil-won Lee



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